SOOCon24 presentation: Sonata low-cost CHERI hardware for embedded systems - (06/02/2024)

This handout is made for the State of Open Con 2024. This talk was on Tuesday, 6 February from 13:30 to 14:00. The Sonata system is part of the Sunburst project. It is a low-cost board that has many common peripherals, expansion headers and an FPGA for experimentation with CHERI in operational technology.

Flag day for the CHERIoT compiler and RTOS - (31/01/2024)

The first public version of the CHERIoT ABI used different relocation types for read-only and read-write globals. These are accessed via either pcc or cgp (all memory accesses must be via some authorising capability). The former requires an auipcc instruction, the latter may use auicgp for large displacements but usually applies a linker relaxation and ends up using cgp directly.

Sunburst project status update with open source Sonata PCB design - (19/12/2023)

The Sunburst Project, supported by DSbD/UKRI grant (#107540), focuses on enhancing security within the embedded and operational technology (OpTe) sectors. Its primary goal is to promote the adoption of CHERIoT, an open-source microcontroller technology that integrates CHERI capabilities within the RISC-V architecture...

lowRISC extends UKRI’s digital security by design programme support into operational technology - (12/09/2023)

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) recently announced that its CHERI-based Digital Security by Design Programme (DSbD) technologies have already demonstrated significant value in sectors where high integrity, resilient, and safety-focused applications are paramount, including avionics, automotive and embedded systems...

Digital security by design driving investment in the automotive sector and embedded systems - (12/09/2023)

The Digital Security by Design (DSbD) programme from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is transforming digital technology and creating a more resilient, and secure foundation for a safer future...

Addressing the challenges of the commercial adoption of CHERI with RISC-V in IoT and embedded use cases - (10/09/2023)

These slides and handout are part of a presentation for the TASER workshop as part of CHES 2023 given on 10 September 2023. This presentation announces the CHERIoT hardware enablement project, which strives to get CHERI into the hands of engineers and remove barriers for CHERI adoption and commercialization.

CHERIoT: Rethinking security for low-cost embedded systems - (27/01/2023)

Small embedded cores have little area to spare for security features and yet must often run code written in unsafe languages and, increasingly, are exposed to the hostile Internet. CHERIoT (Capability Hardware Extension to RISC-V for Internet of Things) builds on top of CHERI and RISC-V to provide an ISA and software model that...